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Company profile

Company profile

Feixian Dongyue Gypsum Equipment Co., Ltd. , located in FEIXIAN County, TANYI resident town ,327 State Road, which is conveniently located , is a company which has its own independent R & D and product design capabilities, production and sale of gypsum-based products and machinery mainly of large professional firms.The company covers an area of 179.27 acres with workshop area of 58,000 square meters, the total assets of Dongyue Gypsum Co., Ltd reached more than 100 million yuan within seveal year after it set up , annual output value of ¥220 million and annual foreign exchange of $ 1,800 million. Profits more than¥ 1,800 million.

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  • 09 2018-08 What are the cracks often occurring in plaster cast?
    Plaster line is a kind of gypsum products. It is mainly made by mixing gypsum powder and water in a certain proportion and adding the toughness of the gypsum into the grinding tool. The gesso lines need to be added to an..
  • 09 2018-08 Maintenance and cleaning of plaster mold
    Gypsum line mold has the advantages of high quality, low cost, environmental protection and good decorative effect, and it is applied more in home decoration. Then the plaster mold needs to be maintained? How to carry ou..
  • 09 2018-08 How to buy high quality plaster lines?
    Building materials market plaster lines of various kinds, quality is also uneven, how can we buy high quality Nanjing gypsum lines in the decoration? We can observe from four aspects.Look at patterns and patternsThe gene..
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